Faience Manufacturing Company – the heart of American ceramics

The Faience Manufacturing Company was an American manufacturing company that operated between 1880 – 1892 in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn, New York. There is little evidence of the remains of the Company as it failed in 1892.

It manufactured earthenware vases, jardiniรฉres, and baskets at first. British รฉmigrรฉ, Edward Lycett was the artistic director and supervised 25 decorators. He experimented with a fine grade of white porcelain and produced the metallic glazes of Persian lusterware. Lycett worked with American retailers nationwide including Tiffany & Company. He specialised in bulbous vases and ewers with Moorish filigree lids, dolphin handles, gilded spider-web textures and Japanese chrysanthemum motifs.

Selection of their work


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Ceramics are objects made of moistened clay, shaped and then baked. All ceramics are Earthenware, terracotta, brick, tile, faience, majolica, stoneware, and porcelain. Ceramicware is decorated with clay inlays, relief patterns on the surface, or incised, stamped or embossed designs. For coating, the ware, a creamy mixture of clay and water (slip) can be used.

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