Clyne Farquharson (1906 – 1978) British glassware designer

Clyne Farquharson glassware
Clyne Farquharson glassware

Clyne Farquharson (1906 – 1978) was a British glassware designer. A draftsman turned engraver, Clyne Farquharson, designed to cut glass and engraved glass before combining the two in such popular designs as Kendal, Leaf, and Alban.


In the 1930s, Farquharson significantly contributed to the design of British glassware. His documented career in glass began in 1935 with Arches, an engraved design on glass produced by John Walsh Walsh, where he had other cut-crystal glassware as its head designer from 1935โ€”51. Moving to Stevens and Williams, Farquharson was its chief designer from 1951โ€”56, when Tom Jones replaced him.



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