Design Classic – Kodax ‘Brownie’ 44a Camera 1960

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Kodak Brownie 44a
Kodak Brownie 44a

‘Brownie’ 44a camera by Kodax (1960)

  • Designer: Dr F.H.G. Pitt, in consultation with Kenneth Grange
  • Material: black plastics and leather
  • Manufacturer: Kodak Ltd.
  • Award: 1960 Award from the British Council of Industrial Design

In the early 1960s, this good-looking camera was made. It was simple to load and hold and relatively light, and it was exceptionally well constructed for such a low-cost item. It took colour prints and colour slides, black and white, and it also had a flash. The back and side panels are black plastic with a leather cloth covering. The ends are polished, plated metal with black and red writing. Thus, the pressed and turned pieces are adequately safeguarded. Under the front edge of the camera body, a unique cover hinges.

It was considered a great camera for beginners.

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‘Brownie’ Camera. (1960). Design, 15 (138), p.39.

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