Iittala Essence Beer Glass Set of Two (16oz) , Clear

Iittal Essence Beer Glasses
Iittal Essence Beer Glasses

Alfredo Häberli designed an essence beer glass from Iittala. It is a very awaited addition to this exorbitantly popular drinking glass series. Alfredo and Iittala have produced a unique beer glass with a design that emphasizes the modern and minimalist design language of the wine glass.

Formerly, the glass has a modern cup shape with a narrow and short handle and a light foot that is well balanced about the thin cup. With these elegant shapes, one can imagine the glass is crisp, but the glass is also dishwasher safe with its lead-free quality glass.

The essential attribute of a good beer glass is that the taste and the thin cup with a volume of 48 cl are specially designed to raise it. With a wide bottom and an edge leaning inwards, the beer’s aromas gather and concentrate on the nose as you drink. The shape of the coup also causes the carbonic acid and bubbles to circulate, which makes it form and retain an excellent foam peak. A cold beer has never tasted better than an Essence beer glass.

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