Ambrogio Pozzi (b.1931) Italian Industrial Designer

"Compact" Tea Set by Ambrogio Pozzi

Ambrogio Pozzi (b. 1931) was an Italian industrial designer. He began his career at Ceramica Franco Pozzi, the family firm in Gallarate, in 1951. There, he garnered recognition for his award-winning redesign of traditional products in a functional style. One of his notable creations was the Compact stacking coffee service, introduced in 1970, which gained widespread acclaim and was designed for machine production in three sizes.

Stacking Tableware by Ambrogio Pozzi (1970) MoMA


Later, Pozzi established his design practice, catering to clients such as Riedel, Rossi, Guzzini, Pierre Cardin, Rosenthal, Norex, La Rinascente department store, and Alitalia. His collaborations with Rosenthal resulted in the production of the Duo dinnerware in 1968 and a limited-edition cup and saucer in 1987, which were included in the Collector’s Cup range.


Pozzi was a member of ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale). Throughout his career, he actively participated in various exhibitions. From 1954 to 1973, he showcased his work at all the Triennali di Milano events. He achieved notable recognition, winning first prizes for industrial Design in Vicenza in 1958-64, 1966, and 1970. For his contributions to his family firm, he received two Compasso d’Oro awards in 1970, one for the Compact coffee service and another for the TR 113 tableware range.

His designs were featured in the 1980 ‘Arte e design’ exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Faenza. The Duo dinnerware was included in the ‘Design Since 1945’ exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1983-84, where it received a gold medal. Moreover, his porcelain service for Alitalia was awarded the gold medal at Faenza International in 1973. Pozzi also received the Bundespreis ‘Die gute Industrieform’ in Hanover from 1967 to 1974 and served as a jury member for various design competitions, including the 1969-70 Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica in Faenza and the 1971-74 industrial design competition in Valencia.



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