Toothpick Holder by Andrea Branzi – Fusion of Function and Design

CO1369 Toothpick Holder by Andrea Branzi
CO1369 Toothpick Holder by Andrea Branzi

The Alessi Toothpick Holder, designed by the renowned Italian architect and designer Andrea Branzi, is a masterful blend of functional design and artful craftsmanship. The holder is designed to be a functional piece at its core, effortlessly dispensing toothpicks when required. However, it is the artistic nuances that elevate it beyond mere utility.

Material and Build Quality

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the holder is primarily made from pear wood, giving it a natural, warm feel that complements a variety of table settings. The pear wood construction is not only visually appealing but also ensures durability. In contrast, the accentuations made from steel add a touch of modern flair to the piece, creating an engaging interplay between the natural and the industrial. The chrome-plated brass accents are seamlessly integrated, showcasing Alessi’s commitment to quality and precision.

Alessi Toothpick Holder, Brown
Alessi Toothpick Holder, Brown

Unique Dispensing Mechanism

What truly sets this toothpick holder apart is its unique dispensing mechanism. It features a figure reminiscent of a ballerina that elegantly picks up a toothpick from the wooden base when nudged forward. This playful interaction serves a practical purpose and adds a touch of whimsy to the design.


With dimensions of L. 3.54 W. 4.92 H. 3.74 inches, the holder is compact enough to fit on most dining tables without being obtrusive. Its smart design ensures it is both a functional piece and a conversation starter, especially when guests witness the delightful figure in action.

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