McKinnon and Harris: Elevating the Art of Outdoor Furniture Design

McKinnon & Harris Estate, Yatcht and Garden Furniture
McKinnon & Harris Estate, Yatcht and Garden Furniture. Veranda April 2016

In the domain of decorative and applied arts, the conversation frequently revolves around pieces that populate interior spaces โ€” furniture, textiles, glassware, and ceramics. Less often do we turn our attention to the applied artistry of outdoor furnishings, which must endure the test of both time and the elements. Yet, it is precisely this realm where McKinnon and Harris have etched its name, merging craftsmanship with longevity in a collection of high-performance aluminium outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Performance Textiles by KcKinnon and Harris
Outdoor Performance Textiles by KcKinnon and Harris

A Fusion of Design and Functionality

One of the fascinating aspects of McKinnon and Harris is the successful marriage of design aesthetics with functional prowess. Whether catering to sprawling estates, intimate gardens, or the specialized needs of yacht owners, their pieces do more than simply occupy a space; they enhance it. At the intersection of geometry and ergonomics, each piece from their collection invites interaction while serving a utilitarian purpose, an essential characteristic in the discourse of applied arts.

Material Matters: The Role of Aluminum

The choice of material also contributes to both the functionality and aesthetics of the product range. Aluminum, known for its strength and lightweight characteristics, makes for ideal outdoor furniture. It does not corrode easily and can be manipulated into intricate designs, thereby providing a perfect canvas for McKinnon and Harris to showcase their craftsmanship. This brings a unique flavour to the metal design conversation, as aluminium remains underrepresented when compared to iron, steel, or bronze in outdoor settings.

Global Appeal and Accessibility

The international availability of McKinnon and Harris’s creations, notably via platforms like 1stDibs, allows for a broad audience to experience and procure these pieces. This global reach exemplifies how design principles, when applied meticulously, can transcend geographical and cultural barriers, appealing to a discerning clientele worldwide.

Virtual Exploration: A Curated Digital Experience

While one can argue that the tactile nature of furniture is best experienced in person, the firm’s strong digital presence across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest offers a compelling visual narrative. They make it easier for design enthusiasts and potential buyers to engage with their portfolio, thereby democratizing exposure to high-end design pieces.

Design Legacy

McKinnon and Harrisโ€™s work contributes a vital chapter to the ongoing story of decorative and applied arts over the past 250 years. It extends the dialogue beyond interior spaces and challenges our collective understanding of what constitutes artistry in outdoor settings.

Final Thoughts

McKinnon and Harris embody a heightened sense of awareness and precision in the realm of outdoor furniture design. Their work serves as a testament to the potential of applied arts to enrich our physical world, both aesthetically and functionally. As such, their contribution is not just to the patios, decks, and gardens they furnish, but also to the broader conversation about the role and scope of design in our lives.

So, the next time you find yourself pondering the nuances of decorative and applied arts, let McKinnon and Harris serve as a reminder that true artistry is bound neither by walls nor by conventional material choices; it is, instead, a celebration of form and function in harmonious coexistence.

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