Willy Johansson (1921- 1993) Norwegian Glass Designer

Willy Johansson was a (1921- 1993) Norwegian glassware designer. Between 1939-42, he studied Statens Handvaerks -og Kunstindustriskole Oslo. His father was at the Hadelands Glassverk, Jevnaker, where Johansson joined the glassmaking workshop in 1936. He was best known for the white rim on his clear or smoked glasswares.

Willy Johansson. Likørsett. Modell: Buster. Utført ved Hadeland Glassverk ca. 1961.

The Johanssons contributed significantly to the expansion of the range and improvement of the quality of Hadelands’s tablewares. He designed mass-production as well as one-off wares. From 1942-45, he worked in the sand blowing section at Hadelands under sculptor Staale Kyllingstad; from 1945-47, in the engraving workshop of Christiania Glasmagasin and at the night school of Statens Handvaerks -og Kunstindustriskole.

Willy Johansson. Mid-Century Glass, Scandinavian Glass

From 1947, he was head of the design team, production, and art wares at Hadelands. Received the diploma of honour at 1954 (X), a gold medal at 1957 (XI), and a silver medal at 1960 (XII) Triennale di Milano.

A Selection of his works

Willy Johansson. Modernist Art Glass Dish For Hadeland, Norway, 1960s

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