Design Is Storytelling (Cooper Hewitt)

by Ellen Lupton

Ellen Lupton, in her engaging book “Design is Storytelling,” elevates the essence of design beyond mere aesthetics, aligning it with the narrative power of storytelling. Lupton, an esteemed author and designer, presents a playbook for creative thinkers, urging designers to adopt storytelling techniques to craft experiences that resonate on a deeper emotional level.

Good design, much like good storytelling, vivifies ideas, inviting users to immerse themselves in a meticulously crafted scene. In the digital age, where user experience is paramount, Lupton’s book is a treasure trove for designers looking to create digital applications or data-driven publications that not only inform but captivate.

The book delves into the psychology of visual perception, offering readers a multitude of tools and concepts that are illustrated in a vibrant, accessible manner. From conjuring emotions to fostering empathy and articulating values, Lupton guides designers on how to construct narrative arcs that lead audiences through a spatial journey, integrating form with language.

“Design is Storytelling” is more than just a guide; it is a manifesto for designers to amplify the narrative dimension of their work, whether it’s through an evocative logo, a compelling page layout, or a transformative retail space. It is an invitation to construct stories that inspire action and deliver powerful narratives that resonate long after the initial encounter.

By harnessing the strategies within this book, designers can elevate their projects from mere visual treats to memorable, narrative experiences that engage, inform, and move the audience.

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