Peter Shire featured image
Peter Shire featured image

Peter Shire is an American designer who was born in 1947. He is professionally active in Los Angeles.


Shire was invited to join Ettore Sottsass’s Memphis project in 1981. He produced quirky, geometrically oriented furniture in Pop Art hues and dynamic shapes for the project. In 1989, he created a 63-piece collection of Italian furniture and furnishings on his own. Except for Memphis, his works were all one-offs before this period. His glassware, designed at the Vistosi firm of Mauro Albarelli, converted Murano glass into vivid, sculpture-like shapes. His quirky ceramic teapots were well-known.

Peter Shire
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The 1981 Brazil table, 1982 Peninsula table, 1982 Anchorage silver and lacquer teapot, 1983 Hollywood side table, 1985 Cahuenga floor lamp, 1985 Laurel table lamp, 1986 Big Sur sofa, and 1987 Peter sideboard were among his Memphis designs. In addition, his colourful Bel Air upholstered armchair, which he designed in 1982, was generally regarded as a Memphis-style icon.


He was a member of the American Institute of Architects Design Team for the XXIII Olympiad (LA Games) and has produced public sculptures in Los Angeles and other California communities. Shire has received honours for his contributions to the city of Los Angeles’ cultural life.


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