David Gentleman (b.1930) British graphic artist & designer

Twelve Days of Christmas Postage Stamp designed by David Gentleman
Twelve Days of Christmas Postage Stamp designed by David Gentleman

David Gentleman is a painter, graphic artist, and designer from the United Kingdom.

At the Royal College of Art, he studied illustration under Edward Bawden and John Nash. He’s worked in watercolour, lithography, and wood engraving on various scales, from platform-length murals for London’s Charing Cross Underground Station to stamps and logos.

His subjects are paintings of landscapes, environmental posters and sketches of street life, and protest signs. He has written and illustrated several books, most of them are about countries and cities. He also produced several commemorative postage stamps for the United Kingdom.


Gentleman was born in London and raised in Hertford, the son of Scottish artists Tom and Winifred Gentleman, who met at the Glasgow School of Art and married. He went to Hertford Grammar School and the St Albans School of Art, then served in the Royal Army Education Corps as an education serjeant in an art room in Cornwall before enrolling at the Royal College of Art. He worked as a junior tutor there for two years before going independent.

Since 1956, he has lived and worked on Gloucester Crescent in Camden Town and Suffolk, only travelling for work. He has four children: a daughter with Rosalind Dease, a fellow RCA student, and two daughters and a boy with Susan Evans, the daughter of the novelist George Ewart Evans. Amelia, his and Susan’s daughter, is married to Jo Johnson, the brother of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Tate Britain, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Imperial War Museum, the Postal Museum in London, and the Fitzwilliam Museum all have exhibitions of his work.


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