SKOVBY #840 Stool made from discarded wood

SKOVBY #840 STOOL featured image
SKOVBY #840 STOOL featured image

SKOVBY #840 Stool

Waste has never looked so appealing.

Pieces of discarded wood inspired the idea and design for stool #840.

A stackable and sustainable stool produced entirely from waste pieces is created by combining pieces cut from round and elliptical shaped tables.

The seat has a dynamic and fascinating pattern, thanks to three joint sections. The outcome is a one-of-a-kind, sculptural aesthetic when combined with edgy legs.

The stool can be used as additional seating, a side table, or simply as a lovely display piece.

Wearability & Stability

Skovby chairs are ergonomically built to provide maximum comfort while adhering to the most strict international norms. All of their chair designs are put through rigorous testing at “The Danish Furnituremakers’ Quality Control,” where they are subjected to 50,000 tilting stresses, among other things. As a result, their chairs are regarded as being of the highest quality for dining room chairs.


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