Handlebar Table (1982) by Jasper Morrison

Handlebar Table 1982 designed by Jasper Morrison
Handlebar Table 1982 designed by Jasper Morrison

The Handlebar Table (1982) was a table with aluminium handlebars, chrome steel connectors, beechwood support and plate glass top.


In January 1982, in his last year in Kingston, Jasper developed the Handlebar Table at home. It was a product requiring minimal machining or manual labour to produce,’ a solution to Kingston’s metalwork technician’s unhelpfulness. As part of his graduate exhibition at Kingston in June 1982, he showcased sketches and photographs. He showed it at the Co-existence store in London and sold it in a tenth edition in July. The Design Museum purchased one of the ten in 2012. 

First Designs

The Handlebar Table was one of his first designs, certainly the first ‘commercial’ project. He had read somewhere that Marcel Breuer had the idea of a chair in bent tubular steel, having seen some racing handlebars. In the spirit of the ready-made, it seemed appropriate to use the handlebars themselves.

Mock-ups for Handlebar Table by Jasper Morrison
Mock-ups for Handlebar Table by Jasper Morrison

Graduation Project

He showed the table for his graduation show at Kingston. He then made it an edition of ten for the exhibition at Co-existence. The components cost him ÂŁ20 apiece, and he sold the tables for ÂŁ100. He made them in college with the help of the technician with the wooden parts. The last one was not sold because there was a bad knot in the wood.

Jasper believed that the most critical and vital success of the design for its future development was the successful combination of the three materials – wood, aluminium and glass – in their natural states. He said that the “somewhat eccentric shape of the table itself was fitting to the mood of the time and my own frame of mind. A kind of poetic, anti-establishment, business-like attitude!”


Jasper Morrison | Handlebar Table. https://jaspermorrison.com/projects/tables/handlebar-table

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Jasper Morrison British Designer quirky, understated furniture – Encyclopedia of Design

Jasper Morrison is a British designer, and he was born and active in London. Between 1979-82 he studied at the Kingston School of Art and Design. Between 1982-85, Royal College of Art, London. Morrison produced quirky, satiric, understated furniture. His 1986 South Kensington flat was widely published in design magazines.

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