Ro Chair designed by Jamie Hayon

Jamie Hayon Ro Chair

Ro is the result of a close, two-year relationship between the Republic of Fritz Hansen and Jamie Hayon. Fritz Hansen intended the design brief for Jamie Hayon to build a comfortable seat for one person. Jaime Hayon drew a series of sketches with this in mind, which formed the start of the shape, voice and subsequent modelling work of the armchair. It was necessary right from the outset that the chair should provide space within the room. It gives you the option to escape and immerse yourself while you can choose to stay part of the world.

Ro Chair by Jamie Hayon

As an interface between digital models and actual 1:1 styrofoam models, the modelling work was carried out. The physical models were created and digitalized by hand. Thus the digital files formed the basis for the millings, which were minutely made by hand, and the final Ro shape was born after multiple repeats.

The pressure-cast aluminium legs and the transition to the shell followed the same process to create an elegant and natural unit that ensures that from all angles, Ro is beautiful and elegant. To make the chair more colourful and tactile, a mixture of different textiles were also used in addition to the shell’s form – one for the shell and one for the cushions.

The material is sewn like a dress with just one seam, which precisely follows the edge of the chair. It is turned inside out and put on once the dress has been sewn. It is glued onto the shell millimetre by millimetre. Where the body of the chair is narrow, there is excess material, and the material is extended where the chair is wide. It puts enormous demands on both the product and the upholsterer. It has tested the materials and craftsmanship to the extreme.

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Jamie Hayon Spanish artist and designer

Jaime Hayon, a Spanish artist and designer, was born in Madrid in 1974. In the ‘Mediterranean Digital Baroque’ and ‘Mon Cirque’ installations, he first totally revealed his artistic vision. In the sense of contemporary design culture, these collections placed Jaime at the forefront of a new wave that blurred the lines between art, dรฉcor and design, also adding a revival of fine-crafted, intricate artefacts.

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