Lino Tagliapietra (b.1934) Italian Glassworker and Teacher

Lino Tagliapietra glassware
Lino Tagliapietra glassware

Lino Taglipietra (b.1934) Italian Glassworker and Teacher. As a teacher and mentor, he has played a vital role in the international exchange of glassblowing processes and techniques between the principal American centres and his native Murano, “but his influence is also apparent in China, Japan, and Australiaโ€”and filters far beyond any political or geographic boundaries.”


At the tender age of 12, he began his apprenticeship with glass master Archimede Seguso on June 16, 1946. After working for two years as a water carrier in the Gagliano Ferro mill, he was given the opportunity to apply ribbing to his first piece of glass. He studied modern art and was exposed to the works of Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, and Ellsworth Kelly during the Venice Biennales. He used the Murano Glass Museum’s local resources to research the history of glass art, and by trying to duplicate old models, he increased his vocabulary. At the age of 25, nine years later, he attained the status of maestro. He took a break from his years of training to serve his required time in the Italian military from 1952 to 1954. He wed Lina Ongaro, whose family had been making Venetian glass for decades, on September 13, 1959.


From 1956, Tagliapietra taught glassmaking with Archimede Seguso and Nane Ferro; 1966โ€”68, designed glass for Venini, Murano; until 1968, for Murrina; from 1968, taught glassmaking at Haystack School and Pilchuck School, Stanwood, Washington.


He has participated in Venice, Hamburg, San Francisco, and New York exhibitions.


  • 2013: Visionary Award, Art Palm Beach
  • 1998: The Libensky Award, Chateau Ste Michelle Vineyard and Winery and Pilchuck Glass School
  • 1997: Bavarian State Gold Medal for Crafts (Urkunde Goldmedaille), Germany
  • 1997: The Glass Art Society Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 1996: Urban Glass Award for Preservation of Glassworking Techniques
  • 1996: The 11th Rakow Commission, The Corning Museum of Glass



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