Vittorio Valabrega (1861- 1952) Italian Furniture Design

Vittorio Valabrega Console with Drawer in Leather and Walnut

Vittorio Valabrega (1861–1952) was an Italian furniture manufacturer active in Turin. Valabrega and his brother established a furniture manufacturing firm in the late 19th century, producing historicist styles. 


When home decoration became popular in the 1890s, the firm grew. With more than 50 craftsmen specialising in woodworking and upholstery: by 1898, began to turn towards the prevailing popular stile floreale; became known for understated pieces, pointing the way in Italy towards modern furniture design. 

Style of Vittorio Valabrega

His furniture designs are renowned for having a framework almost entirely made of wood and for using mirrors and wood to great effect in his cabinet designs. These woods are frequently darkly tinted and highly polished.


He showed at the 1884 Turin Exhibition medal), the (bronze medal), the 1898 Turin Exhibition (stile floreale small salon with wrought-iron decoration), the 1900 Paris ‘Exposition Universelle (gold medal), and the 1902 Turin ‘Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Decorativa Moderna’ (silver medal).


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