What is Wrought Iron?

An example of wrought iron
An example of wrought iron

Wrought iron is a type of iron that is characterized by its low carbon content and high ductility. It is a material that has been used for centuries in constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures.

The term “wrought iron” refers to the material rather than the products made of iron. The term “wrought” comes from the past participle of the verb “to work,” which refers to the process of shaping the iron into its final form. Because of the extensive forming required during its productionโ€”under power hammers and through rollers, it was originally referred to as “wrought” (or “worked”). Modern mild steel has supplanted wrought iron, a forgeable ferrous material used until about the middle of the twentieth century.

Its composite nature, which is fibrous like wood but cannot be seen without being broken or severely corroded, gives it its distinctive characteristics. Iron silicate fibres closely entwined with the iron give wrought iron a combination of corrosion resistance, plasticity at high temperatures, and tensile strength at low temperatures typically greater than in mild steel.


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