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Amy Corbett is more than just a “Brickmaster” on the popular television show Lego Masters. As a senior design manager and product lead at the Lego Group, she’s been instrumental in shaping iconic Lego lines. Her career stands as a testament to the diverse opportunities within the design field, from sustainable development to toy design.

Early Career: A Foundation in Sustainability

Before joining the Lego Group, Amy Corbett had quite a different trajectory. In 2008, she spent three months in Botswana, assisting a non-governmental organization with sustainable projects. Further solidifying her commitment to social responsibility, Corbett worked with Engineers Without Borders (UK) in 2011 to help village coffee growers in processing their crops (Mason, 2020).

This phase of her career resonates deeply within the context of sustainable design practices. Amy Corbett’s earlier projects exemplify how design skills can be applied in various contexts, from international development to grassroots community initiatives.

At The Lego Group: Beyond the Blocks

Joining the Lego Group in 2012, Corbett took on responsibilities that spanned a variety of product lines. She played a pivotal role in the Lego Friends line, aimed primarily at a young female audience. Additionally, her creative insights have been channelled into the Lego Disney line. Not just confined to toys, Corbett was part of the concept team for the 2018 film The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (Schefcik, 2020).

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Relevance to Design

Amy Corbett’s role at Lego showcases the adaptability of design skills. Whether it’s developing a new product line or brainstorming for a movie, her influence is evident in different Lego experiences. This echoes the flexibility and range that design careers can offer, from conceptualization to execution.

Media Appearances: The Public Face of Design

Starting in 2020, Corbett became known to the broader public as “Brickmaster Amy” on the American edition of Lego Masters. This reality show features teams competing to create the most impressive Lego projects. In 2022, she extended her television presence by appearing on the Christmas special episode of the British edition of Lego Masters (Radio Times, 2023).

Relevance to Design

The show serves as an excellent platform for Corbett to educate the public on design principles, especially as they apply to something as universally loved as Lego. It brings design thinking into mainstream consciousness and adds an educational layer to entertainment.

Current Projects: Personalising Lego

Corbett’s latest venture at the Lego Group is the Lego DOTS line, where the focus is on customizing daily items like jewellery and picture frames. This adds a new layer to the Lego experience, introducing a more personalized, functional design (“Lego Masters’ on Fox, 2020).

Relevance to Design

Lego DOTS speaks volumes about the changing landscape of design. The focus on personalization and utility aligns well with current design trends, emphasizing the individual’s role in the design process.


Amy Corbett’s career is a beacon for the expansive scope and potential of a career in design. Her journey—from sustainable projects in Africa to shaping some of the most popular Lego lines—reflects the dynamism and versatility inherent to the field of design.

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