Michel Charlot: Fusing Efficiency and Elegance in Industrial Design

S-TidyMichel Charlot, 2016
Michel Charlot, 2016

Michel Charlot stands as an important figure in contemporary industrial design. With a rich educational background from the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL), followed by years of international experience, he has carved out a distinct place for himself in the design world. This blog post aims to shed light on Charlot’s design philosophy, key collaborations, and contributions to the field of industrial design.

Early Years and Educational Background

Michel Charlot completed his degree in industrial design from ECAL, a prestigious institution known for its rigorous programs that cultivate creativity and innovation. His training there was foundational, laying the groundwork for a successful career that would span multiple countries and disciplines.

Working with Jasper Morrison Ltd

After completing his degree, Charlot gained invaluable experience by working for Jasper Morrison Ltd in various cities—Paris, London, and Tokyo. Working with Morrison, a designer known for his minimalist aesthetic, provided Charlot with insights into the finer aspects of design, from conception to production.

The Establishment of His Own Studio

DIN Tables by Michel Charlot
DIN Tables by Michel Charlot

In 2011, Charlot took a significant step in his career by establishing his own studio in Basel, Switzerland. This move enabled him to have full creative control and begin collaborations with several companies such as NAVA Design, Eternit, Camper, and Belux.

Design Philosophy

Charlot’s design philosophy revolves around achieving an efficient unity of conception, design, and production. This focus on efficiency doesn’t negate aesthetics; instead, it ensures that every product is as functional as it is visually appealing.

Collaboration with Vitra

One of Charlot’s most noteworthy collaborations has been with Vitra, a Swiss family-owned company known for its furniture designs. Since 2013, he has worked closely with Vitra to develop products that align with his philosophy of efficiency and functional elegance.

Awards and Exhibitions

Michel Charlot has not gone unnoticed in the design world. His work has garnered several prizes and has been exhibited at various venues in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United States, further establishing his reputation as a designer of note.

Academic Contributions

In addition to his professional endeavours, Charlot has also ventured into academics. Since 2013, he has been teaching industrial design at his alma mater, ECAL and at Tama Art University in Tokyo. His role as an educator allows him to impart his experience and insights to the next generation of designers.


A constant striving for efficiency and elegance characterises Michel Charlot’s journey in the field of industrial design. His collaborations with esteemed companies and his foray into academics make him a multifaceted designer worth watching in the years to come.


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