Artemide, a renowned name in the field of lighting design, is celebrating a significant milestone with the ILIO 10 Special Edition. This limited edition lamp, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the original ILIO design, is a testament to Artemide’s commitment to creating essential and timeless elements in applied and decorative arts. Let’s delve into the features and significance of this remarkable piece.

Refined Shaded Metal Finish

The ILIO 10 Special Edition showcases a refined and sustainable shaded metal finish achieved through innovative PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology. This manufacturing process allows for shades ranging from warm to cold, gold to silver. This exquisite interplay of colours creates a dynamic interaction with the lamp’s surroundings, gently reflecting and enhancing the ambience of any space it illuminates.

Ilio 10 Special Edition – Ernesto Gismondi

Embracing Sustainability

Artemide’s choice to utilize the PVD process for the ILIO 10 Special Edition’s finish is a testament to its dedication to environmental responsibility. By employing sustainable design and production methods, Artemide highlights its commitment to reducing its ecological footprint. Such an approach is crucial today, where the focus on sustainable practices is paramount.

Dynamic Light Management with the Artemide App

Keeping up with the evolving demands of modern lighting, the ILIO 10 Special Edition incorporates dynamic light management capabilities through the Artemide App. This feature empowers users to personalize and adjust the light according to their preferences, allowing each individual to become the author of their own lighting experience. This integration of technology and functionality showcases Artemide’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

A Bridge Between the Past and the Future

More than just a relaunch, the ILIO 10 Special Edition serves as a bridge connecting Artemide’s past achievements with its future aspirations. Designed by Artemide founder Ernesto Gismondi, this lamp carries a legacy that spans decades of innovation and design excellence. The laser engraving of Gismondi’s signature on each piece adds a touch of originality, emphasizing Artemide’s dedication to offering customers not only a high-performing lighting product but also an iconic and unique object.

Illuminating the World of Applied and Decorative Arts

Artemide’s ILIO 10 Special Edition embodies the essence of applied and decorative arts. With its refined and sustainable shaded metal finish, dynamic light management capabilities, and commemorative laser-engraved signature, this limited edition lamp stands as a symbol of Artemide’s enduring commitment to excellence in design, functionality, and environmental consciousness. The ILIO 10 Special Edition not only illuminates spaces but also shines a light on the transformative power of art, design, and sustainability in our lives.

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