Notus Remote – Red Dot Designer Winner

Notus Remote – Red Dot Designer Winner for 2018 an example of quality product design.

The Red Dot Award: Product Design, whose origins date back to 1955, appraises the best products created every year. In 48 categories, manufacturers and designers can enter their innovations in the competition.

NOTUS product image

The two-variants remote control system

The NOTUS system combines two sleek, easy-to-use remote controls with a user-centric approach and a unique design language. It is a versatile combination of two remotes: the main remote uses set-top boxes. At the same time, the smaller one includes voice-search technology.

Both remotes offer a premium look and feel, with metallic and glossy finishes on the prime buttons that contrast perfectly with the case’s matte textures.

On the back, a soft rubber coating ensures user comfort.

NOTUS product image

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