Marc Newson industrial designer from Sydney, Australia.

Orgone Loung by Marc Newson
Orgone Loung by Marc Newson

Marc Newson is an industrial designer from Sydney, Australia.


He earned his education at Sydney’s College of Art, where he majored in jewellery design.


He obtained a grant from the Australian Crafts Council in 1986 and organised his first exhibition, including the Lockheed Lounge.

Lockheed Lounge designed by Mark Newson
Lockheed Lounge designed by Marc Newson

Newson was invited to Tokyo by Tenuto Kurosaki of the Idée furniture group. The Super Guppy lamp (1987) and the Orgone lounge are examples of his work (1989).

Super Guppy Lamp by Marc Newson
Super Guppy Lamp by Marc Newson

In 1991, he relocated to Paris and founded a studio. “One of the first pieces where I stumbled upon a discernible style,” he says of his 1988 Embryo Chair.

Embryo chair Mark Newson
Embryo chair Marc Newson

Newson Newson was best known for his 1985 Lockheed Lounge steel chaise, built in the lobby of the 1990 Paramount Hotel in New York, after working with Ron Arad in London. The black pod clock he designed in 1990 is circular from the front and elliptical from the rear. Its white spinning dots were influenced by Cartier models from the turn of the century. Moroso created his TV chair and TV table in 1993.

Every year he races one of his four vintage sports cars – an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a Cisitalia, in the Italian Mille Miglia and was quoted as saying: “I’m not a motorhead, I don’t like the new versions of any of those cars.”


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