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Bern Chandley featured image
Bern Chandley featured image

Bern Chandley handcrafts Windsor chairs using both traditional and modern processes, focusing on producing heirloom-quality pieces.

Windsor chairs feature incredibly robust construction that allows them to withstand years of abuse. Numerous original chairs date back approximately 300 years. All Windsor chairs have sturdy hand-carved seats with round tenons on all parts. The mortices, which are drilled through the seat and then reamed at 6 degrees, match the leg tenons’ taper of 6 degrees. A wedge is hammered into the top of the leg after it is cemented in place, creating a solid and durable joint.

The construction of these chairs allows for a nearly limitless number of design possibilities. From ornate classic to simple modern, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.

Water-based paint, natural oils, and wax are used to finish the chairs.

His work also includes a variety of tables and cabinets, emphasising hand-finished details to ensure that each piece of furniture has its distinct personality.


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