Henri Navarre (1885 – 1970) French sculptor architect and silversmith

Vase ca. 1928 designed by Henri-Edouard Navarre
Vase ca. 1928 designed by Henri-Edouard Navarre

Henri Navarre (1885 – 1970) was a French sculptor, architect, silversmith, and glassmaker. He was born in Paris. 


He served apprenticeships in architecture, goldsmithing, and silver-smithing. He studied wood carving at the École Bernard Palissy and stained glass and mosaics, Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers, both in Paris.


He executed several monumental sculptures and architectural carvings. Influenced by Maurice Marinot, in 1924, he began to make shaped thick-walled glass vessels with internal decoration. His work in glass was produced in collaboration with Andre Thuret. In 1927, he executed a gilded reredos for the chapel of the 1926 oceanliner Île-de-France. 


With its masterly manipulation of trapped air bubbles, Navarre’s work is clearly influenced by Maurice Marinot. Navarre displayed his glass at Galerie Edgar Brandt and Maison Geo Rouard.

Navarre exhibited his first vases at Edgar Brant’s shop but soon signed a contract to exhibit at the Maison Geo Rouard. Working with the heavy thick-walled glass, he favoured plain simple shapes with internal decoration, which he achieved by the use of metal oxides patterned on the marver onto which the parison was rolled before it was encased in an outer layer.

Vase ca. 1930 By Henri Navarre
Vase ca. 1930 By Henri Navarre
Vase ca. 1930 designed by Henri Navarre
Vase ca. 1930 designed by Henri Navarre


At the 1925 Paris ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes,’ he executed the frieze on the Monumental Gate. He designed the Grille of Honor of the Colonial Museum at the 1931 Paris ‘Exposition Coloniale.’ Exhibiting in Brussels, Cairo, Stockholm, Oslo, Athens, and New York, he also showed his work at the Salons of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Salons d ‘Automne, and Salons of the Societe des Artistes Decorateurs. 


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