Christine Van der Hurd – British textile designer

Christine Van der Hurd is a British textile designer professionally active in New York and London.


She studied at the Winchester School of Art, Hampshire, until 1973.


Van der Hurd settled in the USA in 1977. She designed textiles for clients, including Jack Lenor Larsen, Donghia, and Kenzo. As well as wallcoverings for Osborne and Little, scarves for Liberty of London and bedding for J.P. Stevens and Wamsutta.

Christine Van Der Hurd began her career as a textile designer, creating delicate fashion prints for Yves Saint Laurent and Liberty before moving into home furnishings.ย  ย 

In 1981 she set up her textile business for rugs. In 1991 became active in designing and producing furnishings and rugs for her firm.

Ella Collection by Christine Van der Hurd
Ella Collection by Christine Van der Hurd. Photo on
Boe collection by Christine Van der Hurd. Screenshot from collection page on website

Her London and New York-based company now creates bespoke textiles with complex, loosely abstract motifs and unexpected tonal shades, collaborating closely with small Indian and Nepalese manufacturers. Her work is known for its texture, created by combining screen printing and hand embroidery. She says, “Touch is really important to me.” “It’s like sewing an image together with a needle and thread.”


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