Flavio Poli (1900 – 1984) Italian designer of glassware

Vase c.1950 SEGUSO VETRI D'ARTE, Murano (manufacturer) Flavio POLI (designer)
Vase c.1950 SEGUSO VETRI D’ARTE, Murano (manufacturer) Flavio POLI (designer)

Flavio Poli (1900 – 1984) was an Italian designer of glassware. He was born in Chioggia and worked in Venice professionally.

He was born in 1900 and studied art at the Istituto d’Arte di Venezia before working as a ceramicist.

He started working as a glassware designer for the company “I.V.A.M.” (Industrie Vetraie Artistiche Murano) in 1929.

Poli was a founding member of Seguso Vetro d’Arte, Murano, in 1936 and became its artistic director in 1963, responsible for its high-quality glassmaking.

Vase (c. 1950) SEGUSO VETRI D'ARTE, Murano (manufacturer) Flavio POLI (designer)
Vase (c. 1950) SEGUSO VETRI D’ARTE, Murano (manufacturer) Flavio POLI (designer)

In 1963, he left Seguso. From 1964 to 1966, he was the director of the Società Veneziana di Conterie e Cristallerie’s creative glass section.

Following WWII, he produced a distinct line of unadorned blown-glass vessels.

He produced heavy vases, cups, and drinking glasses in bold contrasting colours in the late 1950s, evoking the innovative Murano glass of the time.

Vase c.1954 Flavio Poli
Vase c.1954 Flavio Poli


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