Robo-Stacker early example of ‘Recycled Design’ Movement

Robo-Stacker storage unit
Robo-Stacker storage unit

Creative use of recycled material

The Robo-Stacker was an important and useful piece from the early ‘recycled’ design movement.

Jam was founded in London in 1994 by Astrid Zala, Jamie Ankey, and Matthieu Paillard, three young designers with backgrounds in architecture and visual art. Their collaborative design work has taken on a variety of forms, and they characterise their aim as “centred on the creative application of today’s material and technology breakthroughs.” This is a recycling reuse agenda in terms of product design.

Recycled Washing Machine

Whirlpool washing machine drums were used in the Robo-Stacker to create elegant general-purpose storage units for the household. Jam works with giant corporations. Whirlpool provided them with drums that had failed quality control. At the same time, Sony contributed projectors, and sound systems for a bed that was included in the recent Crafts Council show Flexible Furniture. These businesses value their relationship with cutting-edge expertise and the implications of product recycling and reuse in a completely different environment. Other commissions have followed, including an installation made of old television sets for the Independent Advertising Association’s London lobby and a Chelsea bar for the Evian drinks brand. The ornamental surface in the serving area is constructed of bottle tops.


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