Frantz Hingelberg Danish Silversmiths

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Frantz Hingelberg Silversmiths featured image
Frantz Hingelberg Silversmiths featured image

Frantz Hingleberg is a Danish silversmith located in Arhus. They were a retail and production silversmith for the Danish Royal Court. Frantz Hingelberg founded the company in 1897 as a retailer with a separate workshop for gold and silver. Vilhelm, Frantz’s son, took over as manager. Expanded silversmithing, working with renowned designer Svend Weihrauch throughout his life.

From 1943 to 1944, a new workshop was created, with Harald Jensen succeeding in Weihrauch as workshop manager and principal designer. Jacob E. Bang, Vagn Age Hemmingsen, Enling Borup Kristensen, and Knud Holst Andersen were among the other designers. In 1960, a new shop was established in Store Torv 3, one of Denmark’s most modern. Limited company founded in 1963.

After his father died in 1966, Frantz Jorn Hingelberg became the firm’s president. He studied gemmology, silversmithing, and business (b 1925). The firm’s modern sterling silver is remarkable; its first international display was at the Brussels World Fair in 1935, with numerous additional shows and awards. Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court since 1948.


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