Sinclair microcomputer
Sinclair microcomputer

Sinclair Microcomputer

Sinclair ZX80 microcomputer, personal computer, plastic/metal / electrical components, made by Sinclair Computer Ltd, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, 1980. Sinclair ZX80 personal computer, or home computer, is a white plastic unit encasing a single printed circuit board. A small black keypad is located on the front of the unit. A QWERTY keyboard is formed by a black sheet of plastic printed in grey and red, with each key having various purposes. The name of the manufacturer and model number’ sinclair/ZX80′ is printed in black and orange on the top of the device. A small black panel with ‘Integral Functions’ is printed in white and orange on the right side above the keyboard. On the left side of the machine are four ports for various connections, two for a recorder, one for power, and one for a TV cable, while on the right side is a hole where the ZX80 RAM pack connector should go.


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