Baobab magazine poster

Baobab featured image

Poster by Edward Dzulaj for Baobab magazine.

Baobab is a new magazine featuring work from photography students at KABK. The poster was designed as a call for guest editors for the magazine’s third edition.


Baobab is a multimedia platform that was intended to challenge and investigate the future of photography.

The Baobab platform’s goal is to empower photographers to drive and control their own photographic and professional careers by encouraging ‘hands-on’ experiences that can then be applied to their creative growth.

The platform’s founders, Kirsten Bosma, Pietro Bulfoni, and Danil Siegersma, offer various activities and educational experiences centred on photography. How might he/she improve his/her ability to reflect and tell stories? But also from how to apply for financial support to how to ‘sequence’. What is the best way to pitch a concept? After that, how do you turn all of this into a photo book?


Baobab. (n.d.).

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