Teruo Yamada (b.1945) Japanese Glassware Designer

Teruo Yamada Japanese Glassware
Teruo Yamada Japanese Glassware

Teruo Yamada (b.1945) Japanese Glassware Designer. He was a member of the Japan Traditional Crafts Association.


His work was shown at 1980 โ€˜Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition,โ€™ Tokyo; 1981 and 1990 โ€˜Glass in Japan,โ€™ Tokyo; 1985 โ€˜New Glass in Japan,โ€™ Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe; 1987 โ€˜The Art of Contemporary Japanese Studio Glass,โ€™ Heller Gallery, New York; 1991 (V) Triennale of the Japan Glass Art Crafts Association, Heller Gallery.


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