Mid-Century Modern Icons of Design

This gift book, featuring sophisticated illustrations of classic pieces, is a must-have for lovers of Mid- Century Modern design. 

Mid-Century Modern is still one of the most popular, collectable, and interesting styles of design from around the world. This book is a gift. It has original drawings of famous mid-century designs, like Eames chairs, Poul Henningsen lamps, and George Nelson clocks, all done in a graphic style.

Mid-Century Modern: Icons of Design has more than 90 pieces by more than 60 designers and design teams. The pieces are in order of when they were made and include chairs, tables, storage, lighting, and product and industrial designs. A stylish illustration of the piece is paired with a short description of it, and an index of models, designers, and manufacturers makes the book useful as a reference.

This beautiful gift book is based on the Mid-Century Modern style, which is one of the most well-known styles in modern design.

94 illustrations in colour