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Boucheron was a French court jeweller with branches in Paris, London, Biarritz, and New York. Founded by Frederic Boucheron (1858). Famous for elaborate diamond jewellery during the late 19th century. Expensive novelties shown at international exhibitions in Paris (1867 and 1900) and Philadelphia (1876) attracted wealthy customers (mainly American). Designers included Octave Loeuillard, a specialist in fine diamond flower sprays, much more delicate than florid styles popular in the 1860s; Jules Debut, designer of pieces for actress Sarah Bernhardt in the 1880s. Also, Jules Brateau and Louis Rault opened their workshops cl900 and established reputations as Art Nouveau designers. Firm-made jewellery in Art Nouveau style entirely in diamonds and precious stones, unlike pioneering designers, e.g. R. Lalique and G.’ Fouquet. They perfected the technique for engraving diamonds with flowers and other designs. In the 20th century, the reputation for diamond jewellery was based on late 18th century forms, e.g. feathers, stars, and sprays or bouquets of flowers.

Boucheron Jewellery Box


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