Emanuel Margold – Austrian Architect, Interior Designer, Ceramicist

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Biscuit Tin designed by Emanuel Josef Margold
Biscuit Tin designed by Emanuel Josef Margold

Emanuel Josef Margold (1889 – 1962) was an Austrian architect, interior designer, ceramicist and silversmith.


Josef Hoffmann taught him at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna.


At the Wiener Werkstätte, he became Hoffmann’s assistant. He and Theodor Wende were the final painters to settle at the Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse-artists’ Darmstadt’s colony Darmstadt in 1911. He was a prolific designer of furniture, glass, and porcelain in Darmstadt.

For the Hermann Bahlsen biscuit business in Hanover, he designed packaging, window displays, and shop fittings beginning in 1912.

Biscuit Box designed by Emanuel Josef margold
Biscuit Box designed by Emanuel Josef margold

He was commissioned to create silver designs by Bruckmann und Sohne of Heilbronn in 1913. K. Jordan in Darmstadt created his umbrella handles. Delicate beading, fluting, and heart-shaped leaves adorned his silverwork for Bruckmann. He had the same straightforward approach to flower decorating as Hoffmann. For the bakery Bahlens Keksfabrik in Hanover, Margold designed packaging. He moved to Berlin in 1929 and was included as a foreign contributor in the UAM (Union des Artistes Modernes) manifesto of 1949.

Storage Jar by Emanuel Josef Margold
Storage Jar by Emanuel Josef Margold


His display won the grand prize in 1910 Brussels ‘Exposition Universelle et Internationale.’


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