Arper is a well-known and well-loved brand. Here are the newest things to reach Stylecraft’s showroom floor, all straight from Italy.

Arper embodies minimalist elegance, and its products are well-suited to a variety of business settings. We look at the latest goods from the traditional Italian label, which has a growing collection.

Colour blocking made extraordinary.

The Arcos has an art deco feel, with traditional arching armrests and a blend of materials that are ideally colour matched. The Arcos was designed by Lievore Altherr and constructed of integrated aluminium frames and a cushioned seat.

The lightweight frames generate a minimalist repetition inspired by the rhythm of archways and hallways found in classical architecture.

Arcos’ sleek form, combined with its vibrant colourways, makes a statement in various settings. It also comes in a variety of single, double, and three-seater configurations.

Adding to the family

The Catifa is a classic designed by Lievore Altherr. It started it all and has continued to evolve with the brand. With a curved and inviting form made possible by Arper’s pioneering production processes, the Catifa collection is an enduring tribute to simplicity in design.

The Catifa Up includes a higher backrest and the choice of freshly designed armrests, subtly updating the appearance. Leg and upholstery options are available in a wide range of styles.

Inspired by Nature

The Leaf collection is inspired by the structure and veining of a leaf, as the name suggests. The Leaf collection has been expanded with the addition of a new item, the Leaf barstool.

The Leaf collection, which includes a variety of tables, seats, and loungers, can be utilised both indoors and out—a true sense of belonging in the big outdoors.

With its organic curves and innate versatility, the Leaf collection has already proven to be a popular selection. The addition of the new barstool expands its capabilities, making it an ideal complement to the expanding number of rooftop and outdoor hospitality establishments.

However, the new design adheres to the original manifesto’s goal of creating a nostalgic and forward-thinking image.

Arper demonstrates how having a long-established design identity may lead to reinvention. You can continue to trust the brand to offer beyond simply the aesthetics by constantly evolving and perfecting the goods that have already become a staple in the design industry.

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