Chaise Lounge by Marcel Breuer

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Chaise Lounge by Marcel Bruer

This chaise lounge is a very important and important piece that was designed by Marcel Breuer when he was in England (1935โ€“1937). His work for the design and architecture firm Isokon in London is the most well-known from this time period. It has bent plywood and free-form shapes that were inspired by the work of the Swedish architect Alvar Aalto. But this chaise, which Breuer made for the 1936 Seven Architects Exhibition for the Heal & Sons Department Store, was a better example and prototype of his later American work, which used plywood cutout forms. In this way, Breuer kept experimenting with shapes in space, moving from his earlier outlined shapes to the more finished panelled shapes that many American designers, including Frank Lloyd Wright, would later use.


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