Osvaldo Borsani Armchair (P40) 1955
Osvaldo Borsani Armchair (P40) 1955

Osvaldo Borsani Armchair (P40) 1955, articulated chaise longue.  The rubber-armed chair was a sophisticated ‘machine for sitting’ that could it was claimed, assume 486 positions. It may be converted into an upright seat or folded completely. The rubber arms may be pushed downward and the footrest can be retracted. The bendy arms make it difficult to get out of the chair, which is the chair’s only design issue.

Osvaldo Borsani was an Italian architect and designer and he produced a large body of work in the 1940’s and early 1950’s, including case goods storage pieces and seating.  In 1953, Osvaldo and his brother Fulgencio founded a firm call Tecno which as its name suggested became known for research and technology base to furniture design.


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