Anders B. Liljefors

Anders Liljefors (1923 – 1970) was a Swedish ceramicist. He initially concerned himself with household ware, discovered a new method of casting ceramics in a sand mould, and worked feverishly to extract new and unexpected effects from this material during the later years of his life.


Between 1942 and 1943 he studied sculpture and painting, Grünewalds måiarskola, Stockholm. Between 1945-47, Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, Copenhagen. 


During the 50s he worked for Gustavsperg. In c1947, he set up his workshop in Karlskrona. In addition to functional objects, he produced several sculpture pieces. From the 1950s, Liljefors was one of the potters who redefined the role of the craft potter.

Urna stoneware by Anders Liljefors
Urna stoneware by Anders Liljefors


His work was the subject of one-person exhibitions at the Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm in 1952, another in Stockholm, and Gothenburg in 1957. His work was included in numerous group exhibitions. 

Stoneware jar by Anders Liljefors
Stoneware jar by Anders Liljefors

In 1956 Liljefors exhibited in Stockholm, a group of ceramic objects that may be described as an essential point in modern Swedish ceramics, inspired by classical Chinese ceramics.   

New Technique

With a new technique, sand moulding, he had an instrument to play on which gave him new and hitherto unseen forms. Not least in monumental works connected with architecture, this new method had great significance during the 1960s. Anders Liljefors developed an intensive, furious, creation of ceramics which became one of the most personal contributions in Swedish ceramics.

Large scale vase by Anders Liljefors
Large scale vase by Anders Liljefors


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