Helvetica: Homeage to a Typeface
Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface

Helvetica is not only favoured by leading professionals but also beloved amidst the myriad of codes, signals, and signs that enrich urban life. This book extols the virtues of Helvetica, the diligent worker and solitary entertainer among typefaces. It sheds light on its forgotten creator and all those who have contributed to its unrivalled global triumph over the past forty years. Bursting with colourful images showcasing Helvetica’s usage, from album covers and road signs to advertisements and product packaging, this compilation celebrates the work of exceptional designers and anonymous enthusiasts worldwide. The result is a captivating anthology honouring this modern design icon.

AUTHOR: Lars Muller, born in Oslo in 1955, trained as a graphic designer and later established his studio in Baden, Switzerland, in 1982 after a brief stint in Holland. Since 1996, he has been a partner at Integral Concept, an interdisciplinary design group with offices in Paris, Milan, and Baden. Muller published books on typography, art, photography, industrial design, and architecture in 1983. He also lectures at the Hoschschule fur Gestaltung in Basel. 400 illustrations

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