Franco Mirenzi is an Italian industrial designer who was born in 1942.


In 1964, he began his professional career. In Milan, he worked at the Unimark International headquarters. His clients in Italy included Agip, Boston, Brionvega, Cedit, Citterio, Dreher, Fabbri, General Electric, Honeywell, Molteni, Norex, Sirrah, and Unifor. He designed furniture, accessories, lighting, ceramics, hi-fi equipment, home electrical appliances, and exhibitions. Valenti produced his brushed Vaga lamp, which was widely publicised and is popular in the antique market. He was an ADI member (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale).

Recent Works


Sealed is an updated wall partitioning module project that applies entirely to modern architectural projects. Sealed is a workspace division system that may be used to satisfy current space division needs and future expansion or reuse. The core elements of the Sealed series, particularly its modular form and free-standing metal frame, its capacity to support a wide range of accessories, and the design’s compatibility with other Citterio products, have helped to accomplish these traits. The ease of installation and takedown of the Sealed range and its ability to meet a wide range of purposes and quality criteria thanks to its double panels and spacers are also noteworthy.

Sealed for Citterio by Franco Mirenzi
Sealed for Citterio by Franco Mirenzi


In 1970, he received the Compasso d’Oro; in 1971, he got his first prize in the Smau Industrial Design Competition.


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