Orrefors Glasbruk a Swedish glassware manufacturer.

Orrefors Glass Making
Orrefors Glass Making


Orrefors Glasbruk is a Swedish glassware manufacturer. An ironworks was established in 1726 on the property of Halleberg ( the Orrefors estate), Socken, Småland. It started production of ink bottles in 1898. In 1913, Johan Ekman purchased the estate and placed forester Albert Ahlin in charge.

Ekman produced art glass with little success until he hired Simon Gate in 1916 and Edward Hald in 1917, members of the Slojdforeningen (Swedish Crafts Society), as designers. The two artists had done no glass designing before. Gate and Hald collaborated with the glass blowers and former cutter Gustav Abels on reviving engraved glass.

Developed the Graal technique

With master glassblower Knut Bergqvist, they developed the graal technique in 1916. In 1933, Gate became director of Orrefors. Orrefors also produced a full range of tableware. Designers Edvin Ohrstrom, Vicke Lindstrand and blower Gustav Bergqvist developed the ariel technique. In 1889, the Sandvik glass-works was leased. In 1918, Orrefors purchased it; it specialised in plain, inexpensive table and household soda glass and expanded the Orrefors range.

The firm today operates a school for glassblowers and engravers from among whom it draws its workforce. Designers included Nils Landberg, Gunnar Cyren, Eva Englund, and Lars Hells ten. In 1975, Orrefors bought Strömbergshyttan; in 1984, the SEA and Alghuit glassworks.

Orrefors glassmaking
Orrefors glassmaking


Received three grand prizes and three gold medals at 1925 Paris ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Work (by Edvin Ohrstrom) shown at 1937 Paris ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques clans la Vie Moderne.’


Orrefors glass is a significant part of Kosta’s business. It is a genuine glass studio, close to glassworking and designers. They run tourism and events operations that attract more than one million visitors each year.

Glasma, a glass pellets manufacturer, is owned by Orrefors Kosta Boda AB.

Since 2005 Orrefors Kosta Boda AB has been part of New Wave Group. New Wave Group is involved in several brands in the consumer and corporate market. New Wave Group is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange.

Kosta Boda’s CEO is Ulf Kinneson.


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