Ajeto Glassworks – Czech Republic

Glassblowing at Ajeto Glassworks
Glassblowing at Ajeto Glassworks

Borek Spek, a renowned Czech designer, and Petr Novotny, a talented young glassblower, formed this glass company in 1989 after collaborating artistically for several years, assembling a specialist team of technicians and artists to explore the possibilities of innovation in the area.

Ajeto company specialises in handmade, limited edition pieces that stretch the medium’s technological possibilities, with Spek as creative director and Novotny and Fafala as codirectors.

Driade in Italy, Maletti in Italy, lighting for Prague Castle, the Steltman Galleries in the Netherlands and the United States, and the Karl Lagerfeld shop in Paris are among its clients.

Monumental Bohemian Czech Contemporary Erotic Figural Art Glass Sculptur
Monumental Bohemian Czech Contemporary Erotic Figural Art Glass Sculptur
Borek Sipek vase Bohemian glass Ajeto Czechoslovakia 1980's
Borek Sipek vase Bohemian glass Ajeto Czechoslovakia 1980’s


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