Xanti Schawinsky influential Swiss Designer

Xanti Schawinsky

Alexander Schawinsky was a Swiss designer born in Basel. He studied painting and architecture in Zürich, Cologne, and Berlin. He was at the Bauhaus in Germany between 1924 and 1925.

Professional Career

Between 1926 and 1927 he was a theatre designer in Zwickau. Following that he was a Graphic Designer for the city of Magdeburg.

Moved to Italy

In 1933, he moved to Italy, becoming an illustrator and graphic designer in Milan, notably for Olivetti and Motta.

Black Mountain College, North Carolina

In 1936 he was invited by Joseph Albers, he settled in the USA teaching at Black Mountain College in North Carolina.

Schawinsky collaborated with Walter Gropius and Marcel Bruer on the 1939 ‘New York World’s Fair,’ and with Luigi Fugini and Gino Pollini on the 136 Studio 42 portable typewriter for Olivetti.

From 1950, he began to paint and set-up a studio near Lake Maggiore (Italy) which allowed him to work both in New York and Italy.

Selection of his Work

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